Lent Booklet 2016

Lent Booklet 2016 Cover w borderWe have produced a booklet of Bible reading notes again for use in Lent. If you would like to read with us through Lent you can find a copy at any one of the churches or click on the image above to download a pdf version. If you prefer a pdf file already set up for printing as a booklet, please click here. If you would like to read it online, just click here.

Reading the Bible through Lent

2015 Lent Booklet Cover 02Churches working together in Didsbury have produced a booklet of Bible reading notes for use in Lent. If you would like to read with us through Lent you can find a copy at any one of the churches or click on the image above to download a pdf version. If you prefer a pdf file already set up for printing as a booklet, please click here. If you would like to read it online, just click here.


Reading the Gospel of Mark

mark poster

An evening on the Communion of Saints

Saints evening 500xThe Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will take place again this year on 18-25 January. We will be observing it among churches working together in Didsbury in at least two ways:

On Sunday 25 January, many of the churches will participate in a pulpit exchange. Please look for further details at your own place of worship.

On Tuesday 20 January, Didsbury Baptist Church will host an evening on the Communion of Saints. All are welcome to attend what we hope will be an open and ecumenical conversation. Brian Haymes and Richard Kidd, co-authors, with Paul Fiddes, of Baptists and the Communion of Saints will help us to think about a neglected doctrine not usually associated with Baptists. Please join us if you can and bring your questions!

Witness at the Cross

Churches Working Together in Didsbury have erected a cross next to Caffe Nero in Didsbury. Each day in Holy Week we will gather at the cross at 1pm for 15 minutes of prayer and reflection. Our theme will be the 7 last words (the words of Jesus spoken from the cross). The daily programme is as follows:

Monday 2 April 1pm
‘Truly I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise’ (Luke 23.43)

Tuesday 3 April 1pm
‘Woman, this is your son’ (John 19.26)

Wednesday 4 April 1pm
‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ (Matthew 27.46)

Thursday 5 April 1pm
‘I thirst’ (John 19.28)

Friday 6 April
United Good Friday Service
10.45am Didsbury Methodist Church
1pm at the cross
‘It is finished’ (John 19.30)

Saturday 7 April 1pm
‘Father, into your hands I commend my spirit’ (Luke 23.46)

Please join with us if you can; you would be most welcome.

Songs of Praise

Why not close out Didsbury Arts Festival with our  Songs of Praise evening on Sunday at Christ Church West Didsbury? Refreshments served afterwards. We would love to see you there. All are welcome.

Big Picnic – Sunday 17 July

Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week is coming! It will take place this year between 15th and 21st May. Churches Working Together in Didsbury will commence the week with a united service of worship at East Didsbury Methodist Church. To download a pdf flier (A5) just click on the image below.

First Sunday in Lent

Genesis 2.15-17

We are asked to take care of a beautiful world, but what has gone wrong? The symbolism in this passage shows a deep and difficult truth. We are not to decide what is right and what is wrong, that is God’s role.

We have a lot of responsibility in caring for the earth, working for a living, taking care of friends and family, living a Christian life, but our responsibility has limits. In all things we are to respect God’s authority. He is not only our boss, but also our maker. God knows our motives, understands the limits of our knowledge and experience, and can predict people’s actions and reactions. Really it doesn’t make sense for us to charge off with righteous indignation before checking things with our Father who knows us all so well. Our submission to God is the order and pattern shown in Genesis 2. In our clearer moments it is incredible that we would ever think that we know best, but our habits and instincts are deeply ingrained.

The Old Testament urges us to: ‘Wait for the Lord and seek His way.’ (Psalm 37.34), and, ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding’ (Proverbs 3.5). This theme is strongly continued in the teaching of Jesus. A relationship with God, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, allows us to head off again in the right direction. With God at the head of our lives, we find peace.

Forgive me: when I think I have all the answers; when I judge others. Please give me: the grace to forgive; the sense to bring problems to you, even when solutions seem straightforward. Please show me: your way; your timing; when to speak out. ‘to the only wise God be glory for ever through Jesus Christ! Amen.’ (Romans 16.27)

Sarah Chambers
Didsbury Baptist Church

Saturday 12 March

Luke 5.27-32

In Jesus’ time tax collectors were more reviled than the modern day bankers! They were seen as collaborators with the Romans and often made their money by over taxing the people (maybe the modern equivalent of over generous bonuses!) They were the group everybody loved to hate, ranked with ‘sinners’ and outcasts. However it was to these that Jesus’ message was usually best received.

Levi (the name means joined) didn’t dither. He lived up to his name and immediately left everything and joined Jesus. No hesitation there then, quite the opposite, he even put on a huge party and invited all his friends. Jesus had no hesitation in joining in with the party. He did not attempt to quash the celebrations or refuse to mix with Levi’s friends. The Pharisees were a bit put out by this. They liked to keep themselves very distant and separate from these sinners.

In Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees was he implying that they were already perfect and therefore in no need of salvation? I don’t think so, although it’s a comfortable trap to fall into. It is easy sometimes to just chug along, going to church on Sunday, getting involved when necessary, and trying to live an acceptable life. I wonder what I would find though if I asked God to give me a full spiritual check up?

Dear Lord,
It’s time for my spiritual check-up. Please revive in me the attitude of Levi and to follow you without hesitation. Help me to hear your words and to action them and please put a check on this niggling Pharisee attitude. Amen.

Catherine Elliott
Didsbury Baptist Church